The hypothesis is very important,  is assumed the event always be assumed if you think an unknown something target for assumptions, and the route through validation thing. Many scientists and imagine these hypothesis test performs validation. There are a lot of things in physics and biology in such laboratory experiment different repetition results hypothesis and to rehypothesis. The leading solution on the mathematician is similarly assumed assumptions, but these ideas stage is most important and often be discovered by you to explore the natural phenomenon and the natural world in biological mechanisms. Hypothesis that “so it probably would be a” or the word “in probably” be replaced.  “Why” of things idea would also hypothesis to find that you can, wouldn’t it? 
  For example, reptiles Newt is possible with vertical plane to walk like the Spider-man sticks to the glass surface. Wonder if the soles of the feet look under a microscope. As the hair is further separated into millions of branches. Or Hypothesis nothing up here also research goals in the from here is about the relation between molecular has something to do? and erected a hypothesis.

 Depending on the location according to the research is turning around the Atomic electrons spinning material between gravity stick, Gravitation and biased substances between a paying this slight difference is a trace that is understood by this principle on foot glass newts pulled like mechanism. Because this power is a trace, is the other side of the foot by cilia and break up into countless more molecular thinning out power is creating. These discoveries are the same as honeycomb structure of the Beehive “octagonal Yen to to approximate distribution moments by balancing power and has done a solid nest holes. These creatures intelligent mechanics is generally known as Biomimatic, biological imitation environment adaptation mechanisms, such as insects with special features that includes actively applied studies.


Shows that van der Waals power and the already mentioned, no polar molecules between keep gravitation cite interaction of molecules together. Johannes Diderik Van Der Waals is born November 23, 1837, Netherlands physicist, and 1910 as Netherlands Nobel Physics Prize in the third winner. Was not in Biomimatic really because this conception was if he went from the surface tension of water, such as molecular dynamics exploration results. In chemical bonding and force a paying molecules according to the research is proportional to the distance 6 times squared.

 ファンデルワ―ルスカとは、既に説明したように、極性を持たない分子間でも分子同士が引き合い相互作用の引力でひっついていることを表わしている。ヨハネス・ディーデリク・ファン・デル・ワールス(Johannes Diderik van der Waals)1837年11月23日生まれで、オランダの物理学者であり、1910年にオランダ人として3人目のノーベル物理学賞を受賞した。こうした発想は、彼の場合は水の表面張力など分子力学からの探究を行った成果であったので、実のところバイオミマティックではなかった。研究によれば分子が引き合う力は、距離の6乗に比例するとされる化学結合である。

Carbon nano tube with honeycomb structure is very robust ultra advanced material, is a familiar one, such as bicycle and hyper building and large bridge cables, automotive, aircraft, fighter, ship conventional material input voltages to the impossible structures many seen in. In the carbon fibers in carbon nanotubes, Carbon  also the electrical conductivity of late have, though  it will be  considered work Van Der Waals power and nature described above perpendicular orientation of nanotubes is fine one say unidirectional fiber bundle. If we can achieve how do the  application to this carbon nanotubes,  it can be assumed man alone to wall paste support becomes available by 
 only 10 cm square pad.


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