Plain Storyプレーンストーリー

Plain Story
By writing plain story and a user-friendly, simple, clear and concise mention is very important and it is in the lectures and speeches, including important things. You will often have to speeches in various situations, there are a lot of people do you think that this speech and untouched, but really, but many people e.g. wedding friend representative and travel agent left. The fact is often use vague expressions and Japanese too little, but clearly against naming in simple words to ocouketamawa unless half is not transmitted to the other party.

 Many people often write how you decorate word a lot to greedy sentence is
Export to say really cut down the work become necessary. Somewhat is had responded favorably to often make mistakes at the announcement that easily not clumsy it airs, using simple words, sentences, words are my usual in a wide range of age groups. But I wondering whether what you speak, from this holiday season you will open ending of the year party, and the front of  food, not to be too long and long-winded sentences. Talk with smart styles is best. For example, to the final conclusion of spech I’ll conclude “today is delicious dishes to eat everyone”. Only to such a simple Word may received words I also compliment from senior peron in the company.

 I’d liken it has dishes and more than easy to understand. Enjoy the taste of the material remains particularly Japan food is remarkable, but seasoned salt just like plain ones are often. Rich flavor complex is I like, but even such dishes always professional taste of material becomes the protagonist never kill it, does not.

 More stories and even very short speeches make drama during the listener to Springs interested, will listen to you. It is important to have interest to talk about these things is important and the woven his emotions there, while left impression and felt to organize and make the flow as a story.

The comedians will always take the laughter, they tell the word with chiced or thinking of its order, sequence. Even becomes a trivial story can laugh by the order in which tell the same story material even if it is. TPO to think sometimes beautifully, and given speeches, inserted into a dense story during a thorough be drawn is a good idea.

わかりやすい日本語で(Plain Japanese) 明快な文章の書き方。みるみるわかりやすい文 になるリライト術を公開。人目を惹くタイトル作成法から、わかりやすい案内文、 Powered by SEO対策 RSSプラス「海辺の家(LIFE AS A HOUSE)」 わかりやすさとストーリー家の建て直しを通して「HOME」を築いていく物語life as a house Speech Writerスピーチライター He aimed his speech at poor people.(彼は貧しい人に向けてスピーチをした) のよう な使い方になる。ここでHis speechを主語に考えてみればよいだろうと思った。良いです。良かろう。それがいいべ。イイスね。いいんだよね。辞書によると、aimは「S aim O1 at O2」で 「O1をO2に向ける」という意味になる。のHPをリニューアルしました。
のHPをリニューアルしてしまいました。 movie.
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