The Wolf and the Crane

The Wolf and the Crane

 A Wolf had been gorging on an animal he had killed when suddenly a small bone stuck in his throat and he could not swallow it. Wolves felt bad pain suffered groan. Too much neck wave up and down, never  falls bones pierced. Horribly in terrible pain persists tried someone helping wolves will request and hoof the entire walk the road began.  However,  he could please, but Noone put a hand during a horrible neck who asked by the Wolf.
  Writhe Wolf is while walking, with awful groaning, one crane appeared in front of the eyes. The Crane said the Wolf,” Please take this jam from my  throat,  instead of  which you’ll get something,  I ask fellow?” Usually bullish Wolf also only at this time miserable head lowered. the Crane thought and feels too poor him, If he can get his reward something as thanks and agreed to the wolf. Wolf launched its big body towards the heavens opened mouth greatly. Wolf is not to unsteady, firmly grasp slender crane legs with both hands, was waiting to get pulled out bone to the crane. Crane feels a little anxiety while also carried to the Wolf-the long neck. The crane finds piercing bone, Grasping by the exceptionally long beak did. ”See it now, another bone is balanced. Mr. Wolf! Became easy to paddle? “ The wolf are finally off the bone , relieved as grandson eyes.  “Mr. Wolf, by the way,  What will you thank  as you said?” Then go back to the usual face wolves (two kinds of sex) and white teeth laughed. Wolf continued this in the face unstoppable crane.   “Be content,” he said; “you have put your head inside a Wolf’s mouth and taken it out again in safety; that ought to be reward enough for you.”
Gratitude and greed go not together.
Aesop’s Fables

 Appearance in the explanation for not native like me:
the text “content” means that promise not infected content, taste, fruit, euphoria(happyness)  and big stomach are meaned in English, it is a profound words there are various means, such as serenity.  Not only to grasping or greed as  grip also expresses  deep desire too.  Implies a balance between the two of the title come out in the latter you will say that came off balance here, but Wolf halcyon(calm or quiet) is back, as well as gain.

This story is very short contains many meanings. Many saw things in a position of the crane, seen from the crane Wolf courtesy of thief in this story. And look foolish honesty and wanting? , are not having any contract at  first stage, not fulfilling obligations? only and feelings got help from benefactor found finally struggled in the standpoint of the Wolf, very strong consideration helped, and seen from the Wolf to endure the appetite. Did not eat portion of the commitments are being accomplished. As you can see also experience crossed the speculation of both is different. Is the sentence read many times and spring is the new image. 
Think that many people reading in childhood Aesop I did not read the works of other feel the eeriness very careful. There was no debate with parents, and I feel picture book comes appears clearly on the head gradually grows, but still not half. It is said that it is a picture book to become adults in that sense.

狼(おおかみ)はつかまえた獲物を貪っていた。 とその時、小さな骨を喉に詰まらせ飲み込むことさえ出来ませんでした。狼は酷い(ひどい)痛みを感じうめき苦しんでいました。いくら首を上下に振っても刺さった骨が外れることはありませんでした。恐ろしくひどい痛みが続く中、狼は誰かに救いを求めようとてくてくと道を歩き始めました。 しかし、狼は誰に頼んでもその恐ろしい首の中に手を入れてはくれません。
狼がもだえながら歩いていると一匹の鶴(つる)が目の前に現れました。狼が鶴に言った。「何か君にあげるから、のどに詰まったこいつを取ってくれないか?頼むよ」普段は強気の狼もこの時ばかりは情けなく頭を下げた。あまりにも可哀そうだと思った鶴は、お礼に何か「御褒美ごほうび」がもらえるのならと狼に同意した。狼はその大きな体を立ち上げ天に向け大きく口を開いた。狼はよろけないように、細長い鶴の足にしっかりとつかまり鶴に骨を抜いてもらうのを待っていた。鶴は少し不安を感じながらもその長い首を狼の喉元へ運んだ。鶴は刺さった骨を見つけると長いくちばしで挟み抜いてやりました。「さあ、もう骨は取れたよ。狼さん!!楽になったかい?」ようやく骨が外れた狼はホッとして目を細めた。「おおかみさん、ところで、さっき言ったお礼って何をくれるんだい?」すると狼は普段の顔に戻り二ヤリと白い歯を見せて笑った。「もう約束(コンテンツ)は果たしただろう」 あきれた顔の鶴に狼はこう続けた。「狼の口の中に頭を突っ込んで生きる奴なんていやしねえ、お礼の報酬はこれで十分じゃねんのか?」




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