The Tortoise and the Hare

The Tortoise and the Hare

Rabbit known fast feet by everyone, and Turtle is synonymous with the slow animal legs OAF is famous. Rabbit said to turtle, full of confidence. “well we’ve even one compete until the other side of the hill that certainty?” he slowly agreed and the turtle said”Oh good Mr. rabbit ” Immediately they began to run, but Certainly running rabbit, but slow tortoise speed was seem not all running, his pace in the teller always. It is fast the rabbit and other hands the distance of the rabbit moment and the turtle, too much difference was found.  “After all rabbit who wish it early. “And, not too much so quickly can run turtle has tried it, but while enjoying the countryside and scenery, and its chased after the rabbit’s. Did not know that tired because the turtle was certainly slow, and he seriously walking step by step. Just at that time, Mr. rabbit far distant over there proceeded and “oh tired,  take breathers even try to take a rest? And Mr. turtle yet seems very time-consuming ” Suitable rocks break and just close to the shady was lying beside. And anyway for the present Ms. turtles come will ,  underrate and some day become sleepy started he was laid up. Perfect to take a NAP in  scent of the flowers, to click on the season, and rabbit saw the lovely dream himself . Up from a dream, And tilted more fairly with Sun and quietly per,  “Too much sleep do Oh, my god!! “And panicked whispering is rabbit, and began running at rush up the Hill. Cutting the breath with regard to Hill already arrived is the turtle’s or not. Rabbit is muttering in mind so I thought. “Though not sleeping I though of. “However, the rabbit was defeated in competition with the turtle.
Aesop’s Fables
 Underrate is to belittle, think to minimize  ability or power of the turtles, underestimate. napping is to sleep at daylight.

This story on the various aspects and is generally, The talks fable say lost rabbit
  was caught off guard by the turtle. what is insidious archenemy at any faces is talken by them. On the other hand is also say turtle is undertaking efforts to finally won impressive story. “Rome was not in a day”of the words, no matter how big objectives even daily effort is essential. And also the Tortoise differs Hare, believing in yourself walk very important or that lessons.


 この話には、色々な側面があり一般には、兎が油断したことで亀に負けたと言う寓話を語っていますが、これは何事も油断大敵であるということを諭しています。 その一方で亀がコツコツ努力して最後には勝ったと言うことも印象深い話です。「一日にしてローマはならず」の言葉通り、どんなに大きな目標であっても日々の努力が欠かせません。そして TortoiseとHareの違いは、自分を信じて歩むことが如何に大切であるかという教訓でもあります。

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TheTortoiseandth Hare
TheTortoise and theHare TheTortoiseand the Hare
The Tortoise andtheHare movie.
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