Catfishs compared to other tropical very cute and kept as a pet in the tank and much charm and plus alpha have Catfish fun. Is often called Pleco people rather in Japan plecofish is the fish catfish eyes Loricaria Department Actinopterygii anatinae, and Hypostomus anatinae classified. Officially Plecostomus, but in between the breeders name abbreviation “Plecostomus” is settled.
The Ghost Catfish
   The Ghost Catfish is asian fishes about the naming because it is neatly grown Razor is from nose per body normally fish like  translucent glass in transparent body bone is transparent, but compared to other Catfish is apparent and catfish. its Kryptopterus bicirrhis are generaly called The Ghost Catfish, or Phantom Catfish.


Panaque niglolineatus
Hypancistrus zebra

Tank cleaning and how to manage
Enjoy the tropical fish requires a variety of items. Naturally, tropical soda because electric heating is critical and stable with thermostat temperature control is possible. Located on the coral paved or sucker attach the tank wall.  And pick a electric motor capacity water tank size will replace the send oxygen pump. For different voltage at home products on the market, but in the case of imported products when you purchase on the Internet requires attention.  But if the small tanks usually installed filtration equipment tank top
Too much you buy fish and water quality is deteriorating, and would kill bacteria percolator is easier to water plants are dead. Become Mania often to avoid these things installed on external purification tank pump well supplementary to, and be sure and so say to another with septic tank pumping will want. Germany  EHEIM to sell the most reliable aeration system to the aquarium equipment, it’s can buy professional series is quite powerful and most tropical fish shops. Breeding bacteria spread is often collectively we call filter actually aeration systems in cotton water sent to continue on oxygen will break down, such as urea fish excreta.

Catfish are catch and fishing areas to species originally Big catfish in Shiga Prefecture, but these Catfish is very grotesque. Also nearby creeks and rice I say that to the waterway of the rice fields, such as catfish.


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