JJ Sonny Chiba was born in 1939 q Showa 14, q was born on January 22, film and TV very active to movie action star. I think that it was renamed this J.J. refers to before Japan (Justice Japan) very deep sympathy with the naming exactly to his perfect name. Old stage in Chiba Shinichi, real name is the Maeda Sadaho panicle  is a surname. At this stage is made changes from Sonny Chiba names known abroad. In southern leaves Hollywood Kyoto affiliation is born in Fukuoka city, Fukuoka prefecture and  born in five people as brothers and sisters as 2nd children. As the action hero of his roots boyhood westerns, “Shane” and Gary Cooper ‘midday duel’ to become crazy, first debut was in TV drama ‘seven color masks’. Through the on ultimate wax film and spy movie gangster movie starring most bathed in Japan attention is hard-boiled TV drama ‘keyHunter’. At this time, as Chiba Mr. Kazama Yosuke Auditors and with Nogiwa Yoko’s future wife and married. Although many action movies of children at the time, of the existence,  for adults is less than it Action Movies, he have not appointed a stuntman challenged shot put the living body was to attract many Chiba fans and produce realistic. Airing this key Hunter is the remake version later aired from April 6, 1968 (Showa 43), “GMEN. 75” G men 75 series also taking this genealogy, but Superintendent officer’s boss Tanba Tetsuro said he has appeared in both works, but Chiba cast only that key Hunter.

Key Hunter Detective Bureau, from the boss in karate and fencing. Nogiwa Yoko fluent in the language, and Kawaguchi Hiroshi said former FBI private investigators as professional ski, riding, sailing, skydiving, light aircraft and helicopter license to have TV shows Kawaguchi h. expeditions in the famous became co-star and drama brackets piling up goodness. It was in the Metropolis Tokyo on fictitious international police special room and imprisoning spying story settings. Jackie Chan dominated the one represented by martial arts martial arts House Kung Fu world and reached a world star Bruce Lee left the ‘death game’ finally died young, stewed and built itself as a strong body school actors.

JJサニー千葉(ジェイジェイサニーチバ)さんは、1939年〈昭和14年〉1月22日生まれの映画やTVで大活躍するムーヴィー・アクションスターである。このJJとは、「Justice Japan (正義の日本)」を意味し、ネーミングが非常に共感深く正に彼にピッタリのお名前に改名されたと思います。旧芸名は千葉真一(ちばしんいち)で、本名は前田 禎穂(まえだ さだほ)氏です。海外では「Sonny Chiba(サニー千葉)」の名で親しまれていることからこの芸名に変更なさったようです。サウザンリーヴス・ハリウッド京都所属で生まれは福岡県福岡市であり、五人兄弟の第2子として生まれる。彼のアクションヒーローとしてルーツは、少年時代に『シェーン』やゲイリー・クーパーの『真昼の決闘』など西部劇を夢中になったことがきっかけで、テレビドラマ『七色仮面』が初デビューであった。仁侠映画・スパイ映画やギャング映画での主演を経て最も日本で注目を浴びたのがハードボイルド・テレビドラマ『キイハンター』である。この時、千葉氏は風間洋介役を務め、未来の妻となる野際洋子さんと共演し結婚している。当時、子供向けのアクションムーヴィーは数々存在したものの、大人向けのアクションムーヴィーは少なく、スタントマンを起用せず生身の体をはって撮影に挑んだことがよりリアルさを演出し多くの千葉ファンを魅了することとなった。


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