New Zealand  is a constitutional monarchy-nation located in the Southwest Pacific Ocean Polynesia. An island nation consisting of two main islands and many smaller islands. Australia continental and Northwest 2,000 km away. And South of the Antarctic continent away 2,600 km. North is Tonga, New Caledonia, Fiji. UK Federation member countries. In a constitutional monarchy New Zealand King (Queen of New Zealand) to the head of State. New Zealand King Union Kingdom King (King of England) and the same person, but to pick duties of the King was appointed by the King on the advice of the Prime Minister of (independent exists personal Union) New Zealand New Zealand Governor-General throne. And the Prime Minister, was elected leader of the political party won the general elections in most seats appointed by Governor General New Zealand.
ニュージーランド(英語: New Zealand)は、南西太平洋のポリネシアに位置する立憲君主制国家。島国であり、2つの主要な島と、多くの小さな島々からなる。北西に2,000km離れてオーストラリア大陸と対する。南方の南極大陸とは2,600km離れている。北はトンガ、ニューカレドニア、フィジーがある。イギリス連邦加盟国。ニュージーランド国王(英: King/Queen of New Zealand) を国家元首とする立憲君主制である。ニュージーランド国王は連合王国国王(イギリス国王)と同一人物であるが、王位は独立して存在する(同君連合) ニュージーランドの首相の助言に基づき国王により任命されたニュージーランド総督が国王の職務を代行する。そして首相は、総選挙で最も多くの議席を獲得した政党の党首が選出され、ニュージーランド総督が任命する。

There you can experience the Fox Glacier village Fox Glacier glaciers adventuretour. Need walking  road is very steep and narrow so far. With no guide fall into the hole of the glacier and dangerous because of tour is prohibited by law. One way is go velaviru glacier spent about an hour and a half course. Foot bungalow-style lodge with get lend climbing irons (walk the so-called glacier surface spike). Caution is required because the guides are unique and I places and crepes, and falling crept close to 150 m depth and that its being thrown into the River below the glacier, glacier on such safety management there any one of the important work of the Guide.


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