ASEAN and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and regional cooperation mechanisms in pointing Southeast Asia 10 countries economic, social, political, security and cultural. ASEAN’s abbreviation. Headquarters is located at Indonesia Jakarta.

  10 Plus to this Japan, New Zealand, Canada, United States, South Korea, People’s Republic of China, Russia, India is now called band dialogue countries and organizations. Originally Australia has a neighbouring country as Papua New Guinea (currently observer), and when was the only country difficult to economic and trade for Southeast subject requested means of escape, and found Japan agreement is fixed and Australia ASEAN Member said.   Considered final purpose is intended to expand the economic sphere by Asean member countries together economic development make, to abolish the customs duties upon trade between the countries so that as the most effective. The tense situation of doing free trade actively serve as a tariff elimination EU Nations have already from the free trade among Asian countries must advance as soon as possible. The opposition from farmers for tariff elimination, of course in the agricultural workers.
A especially Country played a liberalization, depending on the  Government security for them who can live, to protec thier life.  The expected increased purchasing power, developed Asian nation by active in international trade, By increasing consumption Japan also exported, and Aim of economic recovery by both accomplish economic development;
Principles say updraft can ride consumption by both economic growth and Basic idea in such a meaning in the Asean build same platform among the partnership countries exist on that basis.

  Also, to trade big canvas problem, If the intervention, and cumbersome when you import or export trade business doing the import and export business when it comes to trade paperwork is in the national trade barriers. Aim to reduce this time Ross and procedural costs and labor costs is one of the important purpose of Asean, It can be said that tariffs will disappear for our consumers with lower imports the purchase price, double in price is cheaper. It is said that it is a Association of Southeast Asian Nations can expect great effects and potential, and Asean is the Pacific Ocean surrounding major economies to until developed by joining the high domestic gross GDP Japan, such as national economic power now, and the Pacific, United States and China, but is closer to EU trade turnover Asean combined GDP and population in the lightly beyond EU possible.

Member States is Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Viet Nam, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.


ASEANの都市整備 総事業費1兆円・東アジア・スマート・コミュニティ・ イニシアチブ・スマートなど。 movie.
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