Oumi Jinguu近江神宮

Oumi Jinguu
OMI Jingu Shrine is a famous spot in the shrine located in the biggest Japan Biwa Lake South of visit the shrine from Shiga Prefecture. Museum of clocks and Emperor is dedicated to this collection of world watch 3000 points to the theme designated important cultural properties include Otsu City Historical Museum are nearby. Bought a new car, or to the children around the good years 753 which  Ceremony to celebrate the significant in their growth, make sure that your prayer for the visit. A festival (on November 15th) for children of three, five and seven years of age (or more exactly, for boys of three and five and girls of three and seven). If you ask also the ground breaking, they  could come to the Prefecture  make Good luck, Purification, a Shinto rite to exorcize evil spirits with payments anywhere. These Japan many shrines to the lot was built to be containment is the evil spirits of the people who make matters worse, same legend there to here OMI Jingu Shrine. It is having Big parking,  between  31 December new year’s Eve  and January new year’s day new year  at midnight, a Bell has heard the cold night, every year ice sculptures will be exhibited. Autumn is one of the highlights.

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