Mono Toneモノトーン

Mono Tone
Monotone and may include black and white or sepia tone with the colors, solid color. Fun fancy color ones, but We decided to also take this WordPress using a simple color design is organized so I also migrated to WordPress since the boldly switch black character on a white background. Because of this, a little old page earlier each is hand in addition increasingly it fixed, but quite easy to follow is not ready. But I want to try. Photos even monotone photo ambience, born is the profound sense of the kind of photos. The living organism only monotone world spread by animals too much, even without the color may not lame. Speaking of monotone instruments still piano keyboard instrument to best carry it?

 By the way, this Mono, mono audio stereo etc and etymology with the same single meaning to other such as monorail is the same. There is a monopoly in a very fun game  means exclusive, beginning is unemployed men began with the family. This game is war funds bought land and housing have Bank was banking capabilities? Without doing much is lost, and many shopping grows is interesting. Everyone has it stuck in computer games, but this monopoly of good points can interact and talk to family and friends, while games and most attractive will not? I think once again enjoy such a simple electric-less Mono game will, family ties to regain an important tool.  This game is simply knead tactics and strategies, as well as promote games while Look for the complexion of the other party  is in very important in the real world, and above all first the game will never start, without invite opponents. It is a game very valuable in that sense can learn how to use the money to social learning game. However it passed the degree of bad taste and hope the bankruptcy of the other party in the real world enough Please note it. End of the poor anhouse’s humor not lame black jokes.
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monopolies monopoliese monopoliesed
Seosem movie.</div>

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