Various stories surrounding water is shown by the chemical formula H2O is water, but
Recalled to the best of the emigrated from Switzerland Germany-landlord’s daughter as is the United States, Alabama in tuscumbia, She was born June 27, 1880’s name is of is the famous Helen Adams Keller. While her parents hope to the children born as a hearing handicapped children, Visited the Alexander Graham Bell is known as the inventor of the telephone, They ask one tutor for dispatch to the principal of the Perkins School for the blind located in Watertown, Massachusetts, in his introduction. There was a 20-year-old Ann Sullivan (aka Annie) good friendly head graduated with honors from teaches school teacher at that time. Has published a biography of Anne Sullivan “teacher”
That made it patiently learn the Helen Keller as the ‘The Miracle Worker’ as a miracle woman (1962) famous masterpiece film story as it is memorable posterity is a work. I think that many people beaten chest who saw the film. So Anne Sullivan has taught for the first time was the word ‘water’. Let down many times water pump handle and touch the water by hand for the first time focused on face water water and certainly raised a Word. I think that not everyone forget that water scene is.


The human body is 70%, said water organisms most can’t live without water. Water is so to speak as a source of life the most important root that also said. However, if you look on a global scale, 884 millions people without water,I want close my eyes to the reality that 20% of people have difficulties with water on the Earth in its indeed, I also heard surprised though. However, Japan against the poorest water country such as 38% water development aid has done, assistance to developing countries. Due to the filtration in the many way currently to purify the water osmosis membrane impervious only about hole size 1/400 of hair is used. Come out as muddy water now soon as drink clear water and a huge surprise! 

However, not to mention  same Asia was, they can’t drink only water is saved in the Aquarian in Cambodia Phnom Penh rural to their ochre, Weather rain a few weeks while polluted water quality, Many kids  died cz of violates health even by the water  to breed dirty bacteria. Launch water service corporation Exxon Chan Hoi have misgivings about this situation is built filtration plant. Phun Precc filtration plant that greatly improve the Phnom Penh citizens living  about 25 percent water penetration is promoted now like Japan level, has been improved up to 95%. Purified water is roughly 5 tun less mandates as a basis, but Even in the fresh water of the River rural still 170 tun and significantly exceeds water quality standards.


Japan is equipped with water supply, after the largest rainfall in Indonesia and  second Newzealand, we are tt the second place, but Water to tell the truth, large population ration per unit alone is it’s almost  desert and water-poor country. Also has lurking surprising facts to the truth say Japan is imported power of water.


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