Magic Ring Cafeteriaマジック・リング・カフェテリア

Magic Ring Cafeteria
Magic ring is known as the ring of wisdom  this is quite difficult, is needing brain. I think that the magician who is thinking about the seed is really good. I have tried it once bought card magic, I dont write in here so the  gimmicks are not interesting if you know it. The really simple, but very high certainty techniques have there’re. I want to hear  they designe magic cards, magic ring d in whatever feelings. Magician always shows us , coin magic and conversely combined with a large stage illusions, are so  variety types. It is fun to see once I wanna go, but still magic cabin House are still made. 
   Say about Shimada Haruo, as known  “Shimada Japan” in the world, is the (December 7, 1940), most famous Japanese, his own introduction from magic toy sales began is pleased talking about something. Invited to founder men Mr.Hiketa Tenkou (women Princess Hiketa Tenkou master)  then he went into the magic world. As a magic spot then gather world magicians who invited to famous, built in the United States, Los Angeles Hollywood Magic professional membership Club “magigiccastle”, he gets invitation too.  Invited to a mansion in Beverly Hills where this is the pioneer of the magic in the chance Channing Pollock received, continued support as a Manager. His fashion style has a haori hakama to his right to Japanese umbrella, a very Asiantic staging, Shimada Haruo qualities  caught in the minds of many Americans. I think fans has been  directing the ethnic flavor Shimada plays was fascinated, and perhaps even fantasic a world has increased. In the Osaka universal exposition place (Expo Banpaku) in the show was done, but most is primarily Las Vegas stage of the activity. 

 And on the Internet, meanwhile, very funny magic video was done the wine glasses trick. Wine magic is how squeeze left and right with each two fingers  while in root of wine glasses. and on 1 spins is needs without  leave your fingers from glass. There is a trick I saw demonstrations alone cannot easily should it, but try it once. If you don’t know how
,Try turning the chopsticks or drum sticks, slender stick and great tips.


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