Ratio レイショ

Thinking based on the hypothesis or reasonably infer things are in the process (processes), accumulated experience and easy things causes and results glitches in the clear, is there  the advantage of easy to be diagnosed. Thus deliberately thinking in reason and also the nature of things come into view. Also rationalism, used in the sense of clarity, Also if you truncate the useless stuff and decide on the numbers and rationalism said. In addition, become the rationalism, that combines the ability to adjust the balance in all aspects, such as people, things, money, and time it is asked.
 For the calculation of the ratio, Put A:B = C:D formula,
Inner-and outer-they simply Multiplication lead  AD and BC are equal. If for example  number A is  unknown,  A:2=3:6 can  changes  A6=6 which lead by 2×3, and 6 disappear to division after all One and only A remains, A=1 can understand.


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