Feel the Aki秋を感じさせるもの

Feel the Aki
What makes you feel fall
Go to the field and colourful seasonal harvest can be seen. It is, I think that’s just after fall winter wish nice I feel the beauty of the natural world. This Akebi  is still well ripened, is very sour, but a bright red color is very vivid and street photography very good color. It is really nice people there AKI renaming. These Aki from the four seasons at the Japan feel feel to the seeming, there are seasonal seasons year. Photo at the bottom  get to the clean, Size is a little bit more large is up to the fine. Out and touch the surface of the fruit is indescribably dumb atmosphere so come and even the fragrant aroma. Japan autumn will let falsified face such Akebi fruit were the climate is also in the hearts of the people affected giving fairly. I love most Aki love in one year, or perhaps a birthday is reating with something to do even sometimes feels so, there are things I wish I could be.



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