Calculus is mening of Differential or Integral.
Integration can use a constant of integration in an integral equation or integration by parts. Numeric integral and the area, and calculate the sum of the amount of change in the calculated value. Is simple to calculate several times for troublesome in this case by does not affect F factor x is changing, so keep seeking F beforehand, we assign one after another and calculated height of the chart y-axis. However, if you want the total number for example from 0 to X point this to compute individual and very time consuming, so easily calculated area S(X). We say this integration. Only in a simple triangle of course mere y = f(X) function graphs in considering as shape chart. It is surrounded by wire linear incline slope in X axis and y axis shows the height of the chart on a parallel range becomes the area.  you height bottom and Y, X or kick Y 1 / 2 (half-) represented in line number required. 
  However, draw the parabolic quadratic equation (y = ax2+bx + C) or cubic equation to winding (y = ax3+bx + c), such as in, curve to be integral appears because it does not go so easily. Ask you only after multiplication ago seeking constant value lim Σ ∫ (x) δev dx
for  use as a very useful tool because it soon led in the form. Follow the curve usage examples are shown in the oscilloscope circuit in capacity,  capacitor C is (or electrolytic capacitors) to the calculated amount of electricity that accumulates See calculation separately in the experimental discoverable without much time will saturate the timing circuit reset instantly. According to these circuit op amp circuits or bank-becoming SW to preventing electrical called operational amplifier.

Differential means difference was differentially found In mathematics. differentiation or derivation used for rates forcast. Derivative and the integral inverse, led the answer made integral ∫ f(X) dx, said work back to the equation “mean back to the original function from the amount of change in formula. This it to derive the equation from the function and meaning in derivatives and also said differential calculation results. Formula sets the optimal value is a combination of electrical resistance R for direct proportion by changes in voltage capacitor c take specific uses differential circuit, current flows (proportional derivative), it becomes possible.

このページはアンハウスが行う微分積分法についての解説で、微積分が簡単にわかるように解説を心がけています。 movie.
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