Shinjuku Green Tower Building新宿グリーンタワービルSGTB

Shinjuku Green Tower Building
Shinjuku green Tower building is a skyscraper located in one corner of the Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Shinjuku Shintoshin. The origin of the name depends on the things that is uniform for the entire building is bright green. Building in many companies as a tenant, upstairs floors that include food and beverage store Street.
  Originally, this place is was in  Jyoufuuji temple grounds as part of the redevelopment of the Shinjuku subcenter reincarnated in high-rise buildings. Reincarnation as a temple of building this temple the same green color format, was completed at the time. There is also simply called green building and green Tower, and in the vicinity of Shinjuku Shinjuku Green is the official name.

(しんじゅく – )は、東京都新宿区西新宿の新宿新都心の一角にある超高層ビル。名称の由来は、ビル全体が鮮やかな緑色で統一されている事による。ビル内には多くの企業がテナントとして入り、2階フロアには飲食店街などもある。
■Alfa Romeo Shinjuku Park
 Ground floor facing the Shinjuku Chuo Park side of the green grounds independently established by separate and two-storey building.
■Major tenants
 Head Office and Tokyo business service co., Ltd.
 Japan Beverage Commissary co., Ltd., Head Office
 Tokyo water service co., Ltd.

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