Long period of study abroad 長期留学

Long period of study to go abroad
 It says that refers to the period generally longer than a year, with overseas universities to learn and long-term international .Many people think not lost from going overseas local worries. Well I wish tell about the stories of my acquaintance. Is the problem of most can speak the first words the long-term international in the major premise of long-term international. For example the acquaintance went to the University of California Los Angeles Santa Monica for several years, it seems seem pretty hard whether or not he can get hearings in class. He wanted to become a cameraman, so did ledger majored in journalism. When he subjected to the class, to study both language and specialty,he had leaning  considerable after go back home lodgings, Pre-sell 1, also in the State of Perapera
(smooth) its difficult to listen to me too fast in the Jabber. In conversations with other students is pretty broken, because Words are stuck  speaks, the talking  I am a Japanese changed like imajap, is inspired to  Japan language which changes ore wa nihonjin to “orenion”, I think you can roughly expect that?. Kansai dialect, especially Osaka dialect is likes same style speaks then Kanto region people  feel too fast the speed of osakan to speak.  I’ve heard from friend his friend  studied at the same time, who unites the group among the Japanese was almost cann’t  speak English after a year. Therefore, you have to mingle with friends always  in long term stay  choice the way of speaking with English foreigner  in the case of United States . 
 He’s after returning to the Japan, has been consulted me how to  become a photographer or  journalist how do?  I answered ”for now take a photo made the actual photos and filed company visiting newspapers and news agencies.” Have one’s post to the Afghanistan in the midst of the Middle East war seems to be most impact action faction then he immediately submit notification of absence to Santa Monica College. Battlefield is very dangerous, because the bullet flies the Positive man continued taking photos as a student of the battlefield free photographer. Many reporters from Europe, liked fresh live are gathered and taken pictures and he was liked befriend with  Franch  journalist form france. Of course he can speak France language is not spoken in English.  No weapon ammunition Europeans for super telephoto lenses 500 mm, 600 mm is used. However, speaking with my friends without High-performance, just only the typical SLR camera then he was always  only one person at the forefront of photo transcript was so extremely risk status. Sooner, adopted in Afghan photographers Afghanistan newspaper was once employed him. But of course cheaper local salary Taken close to the death in the desperate photo sheet was Only about $ 20 seems, its the reluctant because the price is different. Once again and then returned home to Japan,  to moved to the United States for his re Scholastic.
 To say that he said still language progress is clearly non-Japanese (country who are not same identity from you  ) girlfriend’s best. Master Spain language it because it was her lineage(bloodlines) was quite Hispanic speakers and having  conversation about everyday, after coming back, when we met Spanish people also he  could deal with Spain language. Since I also was spoken  suddenly by foreigner, I understood a conversation runs with even a few talk with confidence, he saiad “Mutex Daiku” , but I cant understand it soon, but I found the word “Miya Daiku” which means traditional high-tec Carpenter who works carpentry.
■Relatedly Japan, recently surfaced international problems. It seems that gives international, not have time to say why are international problems or employment activity time many students have employment woes in earlier, study abroad students who give up to go has increased.


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