Vietnam Warベトナム戦争

Vietnam War
The Vietnam War  was a Cold War military conflict that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from 1 November 1955  to 15 May 1975 when the Mayaguez incident concluded and two weeks after the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. The Mayaguez incident involving the Khmer Rouge Government in Cambodia on 12–15 May 1975, marked the last official battle of US involvement in the Vietnam War. This war followed the First Indochina War and was fought between North Vietnam, supported by its communist allies, and the government of South Vietnam, supported by the US and other anti-communist nations. April 30, 1975 Saigon surrender,the war was ended. Proxy war,Established by the Geneva agreement that  the founding of the puppet State ( robot of destine) South Viet Nam elections is done and the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower sent American soldiers ,reached under the age of John F. Kennedy administration. 
   American side, helping the South Viet Nam SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization) configuration countries in South Korea, Philippines and Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, sent military advisory group or military assistance command of them,  Soviet Union of the people’s and Republic of China  helped North Viet Nam. Since 1960, started as a uniform war Viet Nam people eachother,  Then the United States military intervention, andWar lasted for 15 years by civil Viet Nam countries put out 5 million dead and millions more injured. And reconciled, 20 years later, in 1995, August 05, Viet Nam and America from the conclusion of the Viet Nam war and restored diplomatic relations.
   The scars of the dead leaf medicines, cluster bombs and anti-personnel landmine destruction and human suffering greatly now many people are suffering. Defoliant used the break self-sufficiency food source, but PCB pollution in the drug genetic disorder not to KIA (killed in action) this cause is deformed child born, Taking time to recover soil pollution. Mines bomb developed in Viet Nam war era, rather than say humanitarian considerations, was to weaken the forces and depleted food hourly rate by increasing the injured person as worse life in aim. One foot of many Viet Nam people are  eliminated by  weak bomb shock, Viet Nam nation  forced to employed people with disabilities over the years burden of life. Plastic bomb was used at this time because all mine detectors, At a later date by Japanese mine removal equipment has worked.

 1960年よりベトナム人同士の統一戦争として開始され、その後アメリカ合衆国が軍事介入し、15年間続いた戦争によって、南北ベトナム両国は500万の死者と数百万以上の負傷者を出した。 ベトナム戦争の終結から20年後の1995年8月5日に、ベトナムとアメリカは和解し、国交を回復した。

Khmer Rougegovernment
ベトナムの人達が国を復興させるために懸命に働いている様子、と同時に戦争の傷跡が30年近くたっても残っていることを見てきました。ベトナムアンハウスLive口コミ・クチコミ動画ムーヴィーに地球版アジアンテイストブログを発行しました。ベトナム戦争におけるアメリカ第二の内戦「文化戦争”Culture War”」 第1回 緊張緩和とヴェトナム戦争-世界史って面白い! 動画、画像、ブログなどの最速検索サイトベトナム戦争 (日本) Vietnam War (欧文) 越南战争 (北京) 越南戰爭 (広東) Noword
anword movie.
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