Hidden Problem of Global Warming Issues

Hidden Problem of Global Warming Issues,HPGWI

Bill Drayton

William “Bill” Drayton is a social entrepreneur. Born in 1943 in New York City, U.S. Drayton was named by US News & World Report as one of America’s 25 Best Leaders in 2005. He is responsible for the rise of the phrase “social entrepreneur” a concept first found in print in 1972. Drayton is the founder and current Chair of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding and fostering social entrepreneurs worldwide. Drayton also chairs the Community Greens and Get America Working organizations. 
 Jimmy-Carter Administration United States Secretary of the United States environmental protection agency Assistant employment when starting the “emissions trading” Offset practice of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide emissions were, direct, indirect absorbing in other places such as reforestation, forest protection, and clean sources of energy was called ”Carbon Offset”. It is called the Clean Development Mechanism System, CDM can be a devoted to support original country greenhouse gas emissions reduction of some certain amount of emissions could be reduced results conducted business put developing countries to developed countries increased greenhouse gas emissions reduction or absorption and assistive technology, funding, etc. Certified Emission Reductions, CER reducing greenhouse gases in accordance with the rules of the clean development mechanism (CDM) technology to developing countries, set forth in the Kyoto in Japan Protocol held  warming and capital assistance scheme based on the emission reduction credits issued UN authentication is made. (Article 12 of the Kyoto Protocol,Flexibility measures)
 リアム・ビル・ドレイトンは、ジミー・カーター政権アメリカ合衆国環境保護庁長官アシスタント着任時、「排出権取引」を立ち上げる。 排出された二酸化炭素などの温室効果ガスを、植林・森林保護・クリーンエネルギー事業などによって「他の場所」で直接的、間接的に吸収しようとする相殺行為はカーボンオフセットと呼ばれる。先進国が開発途上国において技術・資金等の支援を行い、温室効果ガス排出量の削減または吸収量を増加する事業を実施した結果、削減できた排出量の一定量を支援元の国の温室効果ガス排出量の削減分の一部に充当することができる制度をクリーン開発メカニズムと呼んでいる。認証排出削減量CERは、日本で行われた京都議定書で規定された、途上国への地球温暖化対策のための技術・資金援助スキームであるクリーン開発メカニズムCDMのルールに則って温室効果ガスを削減し、その排出削減量に基づき発行される国連認証のクレジットが出される。(京都議定書の第12条)

 Emission rights trading smoke be traded in the world community has risen up to the price rise of 87 million tons and amount, say 140 billion dollars (14 trillion yen). Emission rights deal like a said speculative business with that metaphor Chinese, “Rice cake (a sweet  in China) is falling from the sky”, beause the payment put the main development developing countries for China, 90% indeed China has received which Emission fee introduced by the majority are paid from Japan. Simply not problem only if it is, CO2 has been thought also the story of the resurrection among the scientists. Here again review must be of it,  Global co 2 title should think  separately from environmental and energy-saving technology issues. It actually looks like things are involved.
  The schale Power America do not join  in, Canada also leave for oil production.
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change  between Government Panel industrial ownership cooperation Center for climate change, Evaluation report (assessment report) to submit so-called IPCC watered down with no sense and has been criticized. To make the same steel, Japan is using the least amount of carbon dioxide emissions which will be on average only 4% degree of value, The United States from around 12% and 20% said,  China is arrived in  8 times of  Japan By 32%, they can   export expensive steel instead of reductions.  That fact that IPCC is producing the parade so that the steel  cause  environmental fluctuations  by carbon dioxide out many  if the IPCC even mention is truth . With this, EU countries and Japan are unrequited. which is trying Seriously tackle CO2 reduction. It become a computation only Japan is paying 10 billion dollars  payment for China is $ 9 billion. Many Japanese people think of it, working on the improvement of energy-saving and air environment, we cannot consent to carbon dioxide reduction mechanism. There are a lot of questions to the left,  energy-saving technology itself is also a kind of industrial technology products, and each developing country-specific property to replace to should be.


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