Take to the field in the field to keep the field and too much play the field, 
Talk about the field are doing field, meadow a grassy plain; a meadow, a green field. (called Hara in Japanese) , field, sending, uncultivated field, field, farms(Tabata) , pastures, grass cutting parking, ground, using ground, activities and research areas, range, and battlefield; Place of the competition, battlefield. Is a word place all running horse.  pictures, banners and money originated and Stadium, field truck, racehorse, used in most areas. They put a game; To organize. when you are fanning well the question and answe, you can  use field.

Fieldについて述べてみますが、野 , 原 , 野原 , 野辺, 原野, 畑 , 田畑, 牧草地, 草刈り場,地面,使用地,活動・研究を行っている分野や範囲,戦場; 競争の場, 戦地。絵・旗・貨幣などの発祥地や競技場, フィールド・トラック,競走馬の全出走馬を指したり、ほとんどの分野で使われる言葉です。試合に出す; 編成する。質問をうまくさばくことや答える場合にも使われる。

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