Semi-Detached Housing

Semi-Detached Housing
 Semi-detached housing type often abbreviated to semi in the UK Tudor style house which is  Mock-up, Canada and Australia, as in “three-bedroom semi”, consists of pairs of houses built side by side as units sharing a party wall and usually in such a way that each house’s layout is a mirror image of its twin. This style of housing, although built throughout the world, is commonly seen as particularly symbolic of the suburbanisation of the United Kingdom and Ireland, or post-war homes in Central Canada. Canadian Victorian examples can be seen in areas such as The Annex. This type of housing can be thought of as being a half-way state between terraced or row housing and single-family detached homes. Terraced housing is constituted by continuous row houses with open spaces at the front and back, while semi-detached houses have front, rear and any one side open spaces, and individual detached houses have open spaces on all sides.  They could be seen as its answer to the New York City brownstone as a typical Semi-Detached too.
Duplex Confusingly, this is sometimes colloquially called a duplex in New England, other parts of the United States, and most of Canada, a term used elsewhere for two apartments, one above the other.

Comparison of both
 I think that the Semi Detached housing is better because usually simply considering the problem of how to transmit the sound, travels on the bottom floor from upstairs. Of course if Ninohe-story residence must use screened in the homes, you need the high soundproofing of things. Recently many apartment is former method adopting Japan city suburban area also popular,unlike previous.  However between parents and child as Young couples if you thought  it is better for elderly couple to be able  live on limited one floor, you might be chosing be duplex house. You are designing on plan of the house
 the first floor always  broadens as the general. Considering the construction cost, or is thought to be from a typically available number ratio, young households on the second floor is better.


セミジョージやセミジョージアンにはザセミジョージアンもアイテム一覧に載っている。 movie.



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