Information Messages for Muggle

Informations Message for Muggles
 I’m a Muggle, and I’m sure you might be Muggle. Is the word points to people who cannot use the magic novels and movies come hell man. If you can be used magic an unmuggle, Unmuggles.
 Gringotts Wizarding Bank, There was large amounts of gold Harry’s parents gave leave Bank vaults. Nimbus in former race horses received training in the United Kingdom, was active as a species stakes, Nimbus 2000 is the latest high-performance flying for Quidditch broom you can be traveling in the sky, limited  in the novel and in the display window on movie.
 Ollivanders,  The shop closed when Mr Ollivander went missing in Half-Blood Prince when Voldemort ordered his Death Eaters to kidnap Ollivander to attempt to discover more about the link between his own and Harry’s wand. One of his last customers was Neville who purchased a Cherry and Unicorn Hair wand. However, Harry rescues Ollivander in Deathly Hallows. Said cane opt for witches. 
Remained in the dark world by magicians Voldemort,  that  anyone  defy his instruction cant be alive and go back.  Harry’s parents turn instruction and  are attacked by him and  died, but  Harry Survived only, Z character scar remained in the amount, Its strong luck became legendary famous person in hell.
Platform Nine and Three Quarters
 The ride on the Hogwarts Express starts from King’s Cross railway station platform 9¾, which is invisible to Muggle eyes and is reached by walking through the barrier between platforms 9 and 10.
Eeylops Owl Emporium The OWL who in delivery of mail as a postal worker. 

 ニンバスはイギリスで調教を受けた元競走馬で種牡馬として活躍したが、小説ではNimbus 2000は空を走行する最新型の高性能飛行用クィディッチ用ほうきである。




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