Cantilever Beam

Cantilever Beam
 I didnt draw or describe a schematic image, but everybody knows lever, you  know well the principle of leverage or move big things in small power by levers. Nobody should never played or ride in the seesaw(teeter) in childhood. Swinging  board, plank, slabs not a plate, is riding on  fulcrum as support points, trusse wihich is triangel frame or slab made by concrete. A simply supported beam is supported at both ends with loads applied between the supports.   Cantilever point to be lifted small things with great force.  Cantilever construction allows for overhanging structures without external bracing. Cantilevers can also be constructed with trusses or slabs.  In cantilever bridges the cantilevers are usually built as pairs to support one end of a central section, but You’ll notice that each independently on both ends up in the air floating by girder, big beam.
 Cantilevers are widely found in construction, notably in cantilever bridges and overhanged balconies of a house.  This is very helpful when temporary supports, or falsework, cannot be used to support the structure while it is being built. Falsework support spanning or arched structures in order to hold the component in place until its construction is sufficiently advanced to support itself.  So some Truss Arch Bridges  are built from each side as cantilevers until the spans reach each other and are then jacked apart to stress them in compression before final joining. Nearly all Cable-Stayed Bridges are built using cantilevers as this is one of their chief advantages. It is excellent stuff when you go to the stadium, the  tier can be made both dual bay roof and Auditorium. Old Trafford Football Ground can supports  17,000 spectators wowoo marvelous, it’s biggest in the world. The largest cantilever in Europe is located at St James’ Park in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.  I watched flying building near the osaka station too. Positions balance multiplied weights and distance from fulcrum, usually for safety in one center of gravity has heard.
日本語ではキャンティレバーまたはカンチラバーとも言う。小さな力で大きなものを動かしたりする梃子(梃テコ、てこ)の原理はよく知っていると思う。子供の頃にシーソーで遊んだことがない人はいないはずだ。支点には厚手の板が乗っていて揺れている。しかし、キャンディラバーは、Cantilever は、大きな力で小さなものを持ちあげておくことを指している。 洋絵画に出てくる跳ね橋などが有名ですね。それぞれが両端では独立して宙に浮いていることが確認できるでしょう。スタジアムに行くと幾層にも張り出しルーフと観客席が兼用に出来るという優れものですね。支点と重りの距離を掛け合わせた位置で均衡が保て、つり合いますが、通常は安全のために片方に重心が寄せられています。

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