Caffè Latte and Café au Lait…

Caffè Latte
 Cafe latte is milk mixed with Italy espresso drinks  originated in Italy.
Café au lait
  Cafe OLE is willingly drank by France working-class, coffee and milk while containing
 Just half of the amount, go halves at Occupancy percentage, share something half-and-half. and actually try to milk more than halves is certainly delicious.

Caffee Milk
 Coffee milk is unique drinks Japan has ever produced. The milk referred to should be 100%
This is for consumers food management law mandates based in japan , coffee taste (dried coffee extract) are being made to fresh milk.  There are a lot of Japanese people who pretty much likes the CaffeeMilk, but it’s so pretty sweet like crisp candy. Foreigners who comes to Japan when you are doing  travel and come the place please  try coffee milk, I want you trying.

 コーヒー牛乳は日本が生んだ独自の飲み物で、牛乳と表記するには100%でなければならないためl牛乳にコーヒー味(乾燥したコーヒーエキス)を加えている。これは消費者のための食品管理法に基づき定められています。 かなり甘めだが、さわやかなキャンディーのようで日本人はかなり好きな人が多い。外国人の方々が日本へ旅行に来たら是非コーヒー牛乳を試してみて欲しいです。

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