Avalanche is very dangerous snow slide behavior, resulting from such as sound which occur avalanches. Human triggers of avalanches include skiers, snowmobiles, and controlled explosive work. Powerful avalanches have the capability to entrain ice, rocks, trees, and other material on the slope and serac collapses on an icefall.  Typically occurring in mountainous terrain, an avalanche can mix air and water with the descending snow. In mountainous terrain avalanches are among the most serious objective hazards to life and property, with their destructive capability resulting from their potential to carry an enormous mass of snow rapidly over large distances.  The solar light sometimes is melted snow is able to the melting water flow under the snow surface. At relieved intersects, even the weather improved guard is taboo. Also by the power of the wind can snowball, it is a trigger to make fall as Avalanche. Any wind stronger than a light breeze can contribute to a rapid accumulation of snow on sheltered slopes downwind. Snowstorms and rainstorms are important contributors to avalanche danger. Heavy snowfall will cause instability in the existing snow pack, both because of the additional weight and because the new snow has insufficient time to bond to underlying snow layers. Rain has a similar effect.


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