Cuff Links

Cuff Links
A cufflink (also cuff link or cuff-link) is a decorative fastener worn by men or women to fasten. By 1715, simple, paste-glass buttons had given way to pairs of two, decoratively painted or jeweled studs, typically diamonds, connected by ornate gold links. An alternative fastener to a cufflink is the cheaper silk knot, which are also known as monkey’s fists.
■Chain Link: Classic type face and backing whch is onnected by chains.
■Extension Link:Chain expression of a type already sleeve cufflinks links through the mechanism built when wear chain grows
■Snap Link: This is a separate type.
■Wraparound expression (roll cufflinks)
■Fixed Backings:Many also face is reversible called Double Face.
■Bullet back closure、Swivel:Currently is in the most common type. T-shaped character for backing part is knocked down and through shirts, Plug through the sleeve from the button inside the hole again causing a T-shaped.
カフリンクス(cuff links)とは、ドレスシャツ(ワイシャツ)やブラウスの袖口(カフ)を留めるための装身具。
Tie Clip or Collar Pin for tie as a dress up for man accessory accessoir.

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