■Tandem Carriage
   is an arrangement where a team of machines, animals or people are lined up one behind another, all facing in the same direction. Tandem harness is used for two or more draft horses harnessed in a single line one behind another, as opposed to a pair, harnessed side-by-side, or a team of several pairs.
■Tandem Seating  
  For training aircraft, it has the advantage that pilot and instructor can see each others’ actions, allowing the pilot to learn from the instructor and the instructor to correct the student pilot.
■Tandem Computers, Inc.
  These systems use a number of independent processors and redundant storage devices to provide high-speed “failover” in the case of a hardware failure, an architecture that is named NonStop. For money system like banks Atm.
■Tandem Rocket Bazooka
 Rocket Artillery is so heavy Missile bomb not more than Ballistic Missile, but handy type is so strong against Tank(Tanks), it has double bombing system when its attacked.
■Mamachari  Bicycle with child seat is a kind of Tandem Method, to be easy shopping by bicycling especially for mam.
#This homepage is anhouse’s official website describes the tandem method.

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