Reform is to improve, to reform, to amend the social system and the situation. Or for against one person, to mend the people or the evils such as correcting each other are not mind says if you renew the renovation.

社会的制度・事態などを改正する、 改革する、改善すること。または1個人に対して人を改心させることや、弊害などを是正する、あういは心改める場合にリフォームと言う。

Reform Reform Reform Reform Reform Reform
Anhouse 1reform 2rehome 3reform 4reform 5reform 6reform 7reform 8Reform 9Reform 10Reform 11Reform 12Reform 13Reform
14Reform 15Reform 16Reform 17Reform 18Reform 19Reform
20Reform 21Reform 22Reform 23Reform 24Reform 25Reform
26Reform 27Reform 28Reform 29Reform 30Reform 31Reform
32Reform 100Reform 1000Reform 335Reform 403Reform 26358Reform movie.

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