Lung 肺はい

Lung is existing in your chest to breath organization to exchange  CO2 to get O2. 
Lumg is a kind of internal organs. The land animals developed as emit carbon dioxide capture the oxygen from the air, Fish underwater animals have gill organ to get rid of  the oxygen from the water as same as us.  Amphibian, frogs represented, frogs egg grows tadpole starts Gill breathing (outside the gills)  seen changes in the lungs breathing process when they are changing, metamorphose natai with crawl. Incidentally in Amphibians if we think excluding frogs is newts, natural monument of salamanders, etc.  and Lungfish is in be between amphibians and fishes, they must live to need lung breathing, very unusual because the animal’s evolutionary process Lungfish, often described as the ancient fossil organisms. Australian Neoceratodus forsteri, South American Lepidosiren, Protopterus which lives in the Victorian Lake,Protopterus  dolloi in  Congo(ex-Zaïre). Even one example, distributed in East Africa to Mozambique from Somalia has Protopterus amphibious. Coelacanth is in a kind of lungfish. The Lungfish species in tropical fish is most well known dark red and blue colorful extrasmall  solid.

Human lungs   has finished separated 2 again and again from bronchial, branches off total 23 times Lung consists in approximately one million terminal bronchitis. The end forked the bronchial alveolar  with which it has countless branches, This alveolar plays role of the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. For example a cold the pathogenic viruses is coming to invade, Muscles attached to the branch part is causing a contraction prevents virus causing cough and phlegm comes out. It is known as the smooth muscles attached to the lungs of these,  a muscle at all places of the lung organ associated in circumference. In addition, this lung smooth muscles alone is insufficient working of it, there is functionality also mucus produced at the same time made breath  packed emissions. In the case of asthma more mucus, it  is one of the cause of asphyxia. In addition, as a cause of lung run smooth muscle, Low pressure and emotional anger, cold air and irritating odor response to move it, It can be said that the better strips on the health aspects of diseases by these elements.
COPD and Lung Health Research
Lung cancer, Bronchogenic Carcinoma 
 is malignant tumor

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