Taklamakan Desert タクラマカン砂漠

Taklamakan Desert
The Taklamakan Desert  is a desert in Central Asia, in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China.  Takla Makan means “go in and you will never come out again”.  is one of the second largest sandy deserts in the world next to Sahara, a part of Silk Road.  The Railway was opening  up in 1999 with the Tarim oil is found , by  from East to West between  the Taklamakan desert North Rim to the Kashgar. Half of the world’s largest oil-producing countries Saudi Arabia reserves oil are asleep. One asphalt road was made in the center of the Taklamakan desert for truck transportation from the  the oil mining Institute.  10 thousands of people had emigrated around there as China Oil stuff,  trees to revent the sand were planted, and always pump up water is sown for them.
 Turpan  exit to the East by the Taklamakan deser,t people here  made noodles and eat well and any visitor to the hospitality even noodles. Turpan noodles  is considered the birthplace of the world of noodles.

  タクラマカン砂漠を東に抜けるとトルファン市がありここの人たちは手打ち麺をよく食べ、来客があれば麺でもてなしをする。 トルファンの麺はラグメンと呼ばれ世界の麺の発祥の地と考えられている。

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