Linear Motor Car|リニアモーターカー

Linear Motor Car
Maglev train has finished the 580 km of high-speed driving tests in leading Japan future high-speed rail.  Introduction  will  be opened between Tokyo and Nagoya as  first stage,  the course to make the rail was 3 courses went up to the idea so that eventually through the South of the Alps Japan shortest route was chosen. The chosen reason  was thought most economic cost effective way different from other unprofitable, LinearMotor is opened up to Nagoya  birth profitable 1.2 times economic effect, addition to Osaka and economic expectations of 1.5 times  estimate. This traditional bullet train in 1 hour 40 minutes took will change faster in only just 40 minutes.

アンハウス大阪で建てるなら、アンハウスログハウスを南大阪で建てたい方へ、上方大阪は、中央大阪は、下大阪は、 movie.
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