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Will your website be ready, or will you be playing catch-up six months too late?
November 2003 might go down in history as the month that Google shook a lot of smug webmasters and search engine optimization (SEO) specialists from the apple tree. But more than likely, it was just a precursor of the BIG shakeup to come. Google touts highly its secret PageRank algorithm. Although PageRank is just one factor in choosing what sites appear on a specific search, it is the main way that Google determines the “importance” of a website. In recent months, SEO specialists have become expert at manipulating PageRank, particularly through link exchanges. There is nothing wrong with links. They make the Web a web rather than a series of isolated islands. However, PageRank relies on the naturally “democratic” nature of the web, whereby webmasters link to sites they feel are important for their visitors. Google rightly sees link exchanges designed to boost PageRank as stuffing the ballot box.  I was not surprised to see Google try to counter all the SEO efforts. In fact, I have been arguing the case with many non-believing SEO specialists over the past couple months, and we can see the non-clumsy the best way in which Google chose to do it. 
 Seo Company targeted specific search terms, including many of the most competitive and commercial terms. Many websites lost top positions in five or six terms, but maintain their positions in several others. This had never happened before. Give credit to them for cleverly uncovering the process by using another spam sites?  this shakeup is just a temporary fix. It will have to make much bigger changes if it is serious about harnessing the “democratic” nature of the Web and neutralizing the artificial results of so many link exchanges. Here are a few techniques they  might use (remember to think like a search engine):
1.Google might start valuing inbound links within paragraphs much higher than links that stand on their own. (For all we know, Google is already doing this.) Such links are much less likely to be the product of a link exchange, and therefore more likely to be genuine “democratic” votes.
2.Google might look at the concentration of inbound links across a website. If most inbound links point to the home page, that is another possible indicator of a link exchange, or at least that the site’s content is not important enough to draw inbound links (and it is content that Google wants to deliver to its searchers).
3.Google might take a sample of inbound links to a domain, and check to see how many are reciprocated back to the linking domains. If a high percentage are reciprocated, Google might reduce the site’s PageRank accordingly. Or it might set a cut-point, dropping from its index any website with too many of its inbound links reciprocated.
4.Google might start valuing outbound links more highly. Two pages with 100 inbound links are, in theory, valued equally, even if one has 20 outbound links and the other has none. But why should Google send its searchers down a dead-end street, when the information highway is paved just as smoothly on a major thoroughfare?
5. Google might weigh a website’s outbound link concentration. A website with most outbound links concentrated on just a few pages is more likely to be a “link-exchanger” than a site with links spread out across its pages.
 Google might use a combination of these techniques and ones not mentioned here. We cannot predict the exact algorithm, nor can we assume that it will remain constant. What we can not do is to prepare our websites to look and act like a website would on a “democratic” Web as Google would see it. For Google to hold its own against upstart search engines, it must deliver on its PageRank promise. Its results reflect the “democratic” nature of the Web. Its algorithm must prod webmasters to give links on their own merit. That won’t be easy or even completely possible. And people will always find ways to turn Google’s algorithm to their advantage. But the techniques above can send the Internet a long way back to where Google promises it will be. The time is now to start preparing your website for the changes to come.
The Fatal Attraction of Online Marketers
 Suppose you were offered 263 links coming into your website from 263 other websites all in one fell swoop. Everybody knows that the more inbound links you have, the higher you will rise in the search engine rankings. Suppose further that these were real links from real websites that actually sold real products and services – no cheap FFAs throwing come-ons on a street corner on the bad side of town. Suppose further that this offer included the reciprocal linking code for all 263 sites that just had to be cut and pasted into your website. Piece of cake. Does it get any sexier than this? Are you drooling yet? Does the sweet perfume of “ka-ching!” float around your head? Is this love at first site? Well, no, it’s actually a fatal attraction, one you had best resist. One that could infect your website with deadly communicable diseases. I resisted this very offer not long ago, and you should resist anything similar. Here’s why:
1. The link pages on these sites are essentially link farms. The more links on a page, the less value they have in a search engine’s eyes, especially when you start approaching or even passing 100 links. And don’t expect any direct traffic from this kind of link, either.
2. There is a technical term for identical pages within a site or on multiple sites. It is called “duplicate content”, and it is strictly verboten by the search engines. Here is what Google says about them: “Don’t create multiple pages, subdomains, or domains with substantially duplicate content.”
3. Do some quick math. You have 289 outgoing links, 263 of them are labeled “bad neighborhood websites” by the search engines … so bad that they might even have been banned. What do you think will happen to your rankings?
Sadly, many webmasters fall for such tantalizing come-ons without thinking carefully about what the repercussions might be.
  There is a lot of truly bad advice floating around the Internet on how to trick the search engines or find a short-cut to high rankings. This is one example of how following poor advice and hopping into bed with the wrong partner could kill your business. Here is a good rule of thumb. Two’s company. Three’s a crowd. Four or more will get you arrested. OK, so I just made that up, and it’s not very elegant. But it will keep you from falling for that inevitable offer with the come-hither eyes and the deadly communicable disease.

A webmistress asked me recently how much I would charge to optimize her site for the search engines. I took a glance at her site, and the first thing I found was a hidden link to an association she was part of. I asked her why the link was there. She told me it was “for the search engines.” It never ceases to amaze me how much really bad – I mean absolutely horrible – advice is floating around the Internet. She never did hire me, but she did walk away with one free piece of advice that I now share with you: “Remove that link ASAP.” Hidden links and hidden text are big trouble and something you should never do. A hidden link is simply a link the search engine robots would follow, but is not visible to the naked eye. It could be a one pixel by one pixel graphic the same color as the background. Hidden text could be keyword written in the same color as the background.  If a search engine detects text in the same color as the background, it might penalize or even ban your site. In fact, one search engine expert has even suggested that if your background is, say, white, and you have a black table with white text on your page, that search engines would read that as hidden text (white background, white text) even though the text is clearly visible in the black table. Hmm. I will have to revisit my own site’s colors.
     Why are hidden links and hidden text bad? Because they try to cheat the rules. Cheating is bad, and search engines do not like playing with cheaters. Why are duplicate pages bad? Because they try to cheat the rules. Cheating is bad, and search engines do not like playing with cheaters.  Doorway pages are also bad. A doorway page is a page carefully designed to do well on search engine results, but is never meant to be used by humans. Often there is then a link to a website or there is some form of redirect. Just a few of the “clever” tactics that can land you in the “Search Engine Slammer”. If you spend much time on the Internet, you’ll be approached about many others sooner or later. Here is a simple question to ask yourself: “Would this be helping the search engines deliver the best results, or would it be trying to cheat their rules?” If it feels a little funny, don’t try it. Or ask someone who knows. Search engines are your friends. Be nice to them, and they’ll be nice to you. You might just land yourself a berth atop Mount Google on keyword phrases, develop the right keyword strategy.
 If your website is about life insurance, you have little hope of hitting the front pages of any search engine. “Life insurance” is such a competitive search engine marketplace. Unless, of course, people are searching for a very specific and rare niche. Even then, I suspect you will need much more than these five tips. n fact, there are dozens, if not hundreds of things you can do to win the search engine race. These top five search engine optimization tips are a great start, whatever your website is about.

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