Cutie Honeyキューティーハニー

Cutie Honey
 Anime Sexy Action Comic
Cutie Honey is in 1973 this title of cartoons long detonation by ”Nagai Go” and dynamic Pro was released as a media mix planning  animation. When Cutie Honey super nude transformation  scene caught young adult layer, Children’s playground in front of the TV and glued heroes Cutie Honey sexy and sultry, more erotic depictions and ERO-ish or charm Voice Actress to the best work. Psychedelic back scenes presentiment the ecstasy moving to a different dimension.
For subsequent to the women went out popular, has become one of manga Japan in most known in the long-run well. ‘Harenti Gakuen’ is published in the Nikkatu film, The increasingly gained many blockbusters including ‘Devilman’ , Giant Robo ‘Mazinger Z’ ‘great Mazinger’, 
 キューティーハニーは、1973年に永井豪(ながい ごう)とダイナミックプロによってメディアミックス企画としてリリースされた漫画とアニメの作品名。キューティーハニー超変身の時に全裸変身シーンでヤングアダルト層を捕えたが主人公キューティーハニーのセクシーなお色気はTVの前のキッズを釘づけにし、さらにエロティックな描写やエロっぽい声優の魅力が引き立てた。サイケデリックなバックシーンは異次元へトランスするエクスタシーを予感させるものであった。その後女性にも人気が出たため日本で最もロングランでよく知られるマンガのひとつとなっている。

■ ‘ Dororon Enma Kun’ is sun of  Guardner of hell with wearing talking hat. Yukikohime princess also upholds the honey character, and  mascot advisor Chapeau-G support him.
■Devilman’s is a comic of devils nature, and emphasized the physical beauty of the men,  Faced homer of the devil women is  over description more than Cutie Honey, Hero unveils the world of SM cannot yet know. In Superman blocks against Justice Devilman, Half-naked with white wings bird SIRENE is very highly popular anime.
■The cartoon boy love anytime mechanic also without being maniac. Like such mechanical works were presented to the boy in the Mazinger Z series. However, he did not forget even this piece erotism Mr. Nagai. To steer the human giant robots and anthropomorphic to its pilots. Robot woman rode was in sexy one, Missiles fired for enemies is just Bust Cannon. 
■ロングランヒットで衰えない人気がコミックを実写化させ有名人気アイドルを起用して撮影に入った。グラビアアイドル出身の佐藤江梨子(サトウエリコ、さとう えりこ、通称さとえり)が起用された。
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