Majorca Islands-マジョルカ島

Majorca Islands
Matsuoka Naoya group album titled ‘memories Mallorca’ Japan was  recalled on the island of Mallorca Island. Many aggressive song scent drifts of Spain Burgundy Red Jacket are sprinkled.Original members, In tight good drum resonance of drummer Murakami Ponta Shuichi, Exact base Takahashi Getao  based on them Wada Akira(is band Prism guitar, Polyhedron incidentally made from glass, such as with this prism light balancing, refraction, total reflection to use, distribution of the spectrum of light and music put I think might contact and naming the.)  play the melody, I buy this record listened many times. 
 There are songs Mallorca video on the netsite  is actually trim album is pretty cool I want you try hear original so nice. The band name on the straight album at that  time  Matsuoka Naoya &wishing genre is Fusion Jazz band.
Matuoka was composed Meu amor é was mor famous in japan, which song was singing by
Nakamori Akina who get Record award-winning Idol singer by this amor é, but Matuoka himself is famous as a pianist in Europe more than her.
  松岡直也はMeu amor é(ミアモーレ)を作曲した方で、日本では,日本を代表するレコード大賞に輝いたアイドル歌手中森明菜さんが歌う曲Meu amor éの方が有名ですが、ヨーロッパでは当時はピアニストNaoya Matuokaとしての存在のほうが有名でした。

■Maria del Mar Bonet i Verdaguer (born 1947)
  is a Spanish singer from the island of Majorca.
 Maria del Mar Bonet – Sonet
  Still singing  clear beautiful’s pretty, from  majolica as her authentic.
 National diva of the Catalunya region to central Barcelona, known as the “Mediterranean Diva.

■Majorca Island is a Mallorca Island called in Spanish original central Spain Balearic Islands autonomous province in the West Mediterranean island, in the State capital Palma de Mallorca. In the classic world famous-born on Poland at Paris acti ity pianist Frédéric François Chopin was visited here Majorca Islands for Infirmary health resort, tourism, as convalescence area or kurhaus island his Relaxation to find healing effect on days.
マジョルカ島はオリジナルのスペイン語ではマヨルカ島と呼ばれ、西地中海に浮かぶスペインバレアレス諸島自治州の中心となる島で、州都Palma de Mallorca「パルマ・デ・マリョルカ」になります。クラシック界では有名なポーランドで生まれでパリのピアニストFrédéric François Chopin(フレデリック・ショパン)として活躍したもこの地マジョルカ島に訪れ療養して日々のヒーリングを楽しんでいたそうです。
■ Aeropuerto de Palma de Mallorca パルマ・デ・マリョルカ空港

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