Ant and Honey Bee

A Pair of Friends at Halloween   
Written by Megan McDonald, Illustrated by G. Brian Karas
Category: Juvenile Fiction – Holidays & Festivals – Halloween; Juvenile Fiction – Social Situations – Friendship; Juvenile Fiction – Animals – Insects, Spiders, etc.
Format: Hardcover, 48 pages 
On Sale: July 13, 2010
Price: $14.99
ISBN: 978-0-7636-4662-2 (0-7636-4662-8)
Imprint: Candlewick
Also available as a trade paperback.
ABOUT THIS BOOK acousticlive
What a pair! From the creator of the Judy Moody and Stink series comes a charming duo with a most ingenious costume approach for Halloween.

Ant is getting antsy. Only a few hours till trick-or-treat, and she and Honey Bee don’t have their costumes figured out. Maybe they should go as a pair! With a burst of creativity and hard work, they make a two-things-that-go-together pair of cardboard costumes just in time. But outside the night turns rainy and windy, and soon the proud duo have dissolved into a set of soggy sad sacks. Can the quick-thinking friends turn their mushy problem into a smashing success? Best-selling author Megan McDonald gives readers a taste of the comical chatter that occurs between old friends wrapped up in a shared project. G. Brian Karas brings the winning pair to life with a deft hand and an expressive, winsome line. 

About the Author
Megan McDonald is the author of the best-selling Judy Moody and Stink series as well as the Sisters Club series. She lives in Sebastopol, California.

G. Brian Karas has illustrated close to ninety children’s books. He has also written and illustrated several titles, including HOME ON THE BAYOU, a BOSTON-GLOBE-HORN Book Honor winner. He lives in Rhinebeck, New York.
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