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St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church
St Peter’s Church is the oldest Roman Catholic parish in  New York City USA America. 
Saint Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton, first United States citizen to be canonized, converted to Catholicism here. The current church was built and founded in 1840, and the present pastor is Fr. Kevin Madigan. The building was damaged during the September 11, 2001, attacks The World Trade Center cross temporarily sits on the Church Street side.
Location:22 Barclay Street, Manhattan, New York City, New York, 212/233-8355
Weekend Mass Times: Sat: 4pm; Sun: 8am, 9:30am, 12pm
Weekday Mass Times: (English): M-F: 7:10am, 7:45am, 12:05pm,
Architect:John R. Haggerty and Thomas Thomas as  Greek Revival Architectural style
  U.S. National Register of Historic Places SaintPeters

■Saint Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton
Her mother, daughter of an Episcopal priest, died when Elizabeth was three. At the age of nineteen, she married William Magee Seton, a wealthy businessman. Five children were born to the marriage, Anna Maria, William, Richard, Catherine, and Rebecca. But unfortunately her husband’s business lost several ships at sea and the family ended up bankrupt. Soon after, her husband became ill and his doctors sent him to Italy (Livorno) for the warmer with Elizabeth and their eldest accompanying him. but In Italy, they were held in quarantine, during which time her husband died. Two years later, after her return to the United States, she converted and received Catholicism by the pastor of St. Peter’s Church.  A year later, she was confirmed by the first bishop of Baltimore, John Carroll.
 The priests had taken refuge in the United States from the religious persecution of the Reign of Terror in France, and were in the process of establishing the first Catholic seminary for the United States, in keeping with the goals of their Order.  She established St. Joseph’s Academy and Free School in order to educate young girls to live by religious values. She was a woman of prayer and service, dedicated to following the will of God, Elizabeth Ann had a deep devotion to the Eucharist, Sacred Scripture and the Virgin Mary. The 23rd Psalm was her favorite prayer throughout her life. 


On September 18, 2010 in St. Peters church made a “tea party Peace Memorial and Historical Document”. In 2001, u.s. Central at the same time terror victims mourned, It was tried said Forrest prayer for peace in the spirit of the tea ceremony. Damaged, such as St. Peters Church had been built near the collapsed World Trade Center site (Grand zero) for damage roof shape during the disaster debris plane wasn’t flawless. St. Peters Church collapsed building steel in form as message tells the terrorist damage on the Cross Monument. Madigan priest of the same Church offered prayers for peace, and next Mr Sen-Genshitu entrust the desire to the white represents the State of nothingness and commit the future of purple “Fukusa” which is  smaller wrapping cloths  so likes when deliver FX gift in traditional Japanese style, actually foreign exchange of goods and hearts,  made of dark tea and thin tea 2 Bowl and Mr.Sen dedicated prayer to God. They touch on the topic of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the terrorist attacks in the United States, “Any such that happens is not” Mr.Sen who Honorary citizen of Kyoto City informed the spirit of the tea ceremony “Wa Kei Sei Jaku” Enjoy thing if the Wa of the peace, Kei means that respect people and the thing (such tools) everything, Sei means cleaning  and you have to prepared in your immaculate Heart to be audible air soughing of pine trees whisper It is reaching the stage of “nothing” in the essence of Zen from Nirvana ”Static Ground”.

2010年9月18日に聖ピーターズ教会で「平和祈念献茶会」が行われた。2001年の米中枢同時テロでの犠牲者を悼み、茶道の精神で平和の祈りを捧げようと言う試みであった。崩壊した世界貿易センタービル跡地(グランドゼロ)近くに建っていたため被災時には飛行機の破片が飛び散り屋根が損傷するなどの被害を被って無傷ではなかった。聖ピーターズ教会はテロ被害を伝えようと崩壊したビルの鉄骨で形どった十字架がそのメッセージを伝えている。同教会のマディガン司祭が平和の祈りをささげ、次に千前家元は無の境地を表す白と未来への思いを託す紫の2枚の服紗(ふくさ)に託した。フクサは贈り物を届けるときに汚れないように包む日本の伝統的な小さいほうの布である。  濃茶と薄茶の2碗を点て(たて)献茶し神に祈りを捧げた。千前家元氏は広島・長崎の原爆投下とアメリカ同時多発テロに触れ、「いかなる場合もそうしたことが起こってはならない」と茶道(さどう)の『和敬静寂』の精神を告げた。千玄室(せん げんしつ)は茶道裏千家前家元15代目にあたる玄室で以前は千宗室と名乗っていた京都市名誉市民である。『和敬静寂』とは、平和の和があれば茶事が楽しめる、敬は人も物(道具など)も尊敬すること、清はクリーニングを意味し清らかな心で迎えれば松風の風情も聞き取れる。そして涅槃寂静に由来するの真髄である「無」の境地に至るのが寂である。

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