Lime | Ultra High Purity Lime 石灰|超高純度石灰

Lime  | Ultra High Purity Lime石灰|超高純度石灰



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Lime is proud that Japan natural resources, near self-sufficiency in almost 100% natural ore products., uses the use of the lime widely from the civil engineering field soil compaction as agricultural materials in alkaline acidity lime as neutralizing agents, food lime used chewing gum, konjac and iron and steel industry is essential to our life important. Removing the impurities also boasts purity of the world’s largest,  limestone Japan but originally it are petrified sea coral deposited one there originally rich in high quality lime, ultra high purity limestone is called a level more than 99.9% purity. Are also particle 0.08n further enables granular particles benefit is born from it. Said of a is from the condenser to use the lime in electronic components particularly used to a electrolytic capacitors, and improves heat-resistance and durability. However more recent electronic miniaturization
Requires high purity limestone granules or powder, future development technical level to make development is expected.



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