SeaWind Jazz Rock Fusion in Hawaii’s Seabreeze PAULINE WILSON – Light the light

SeaWind Jazz Rock Fusion in Hawaii’s Seabreeze PAULINE WILSON – Light the light

The Band Members
 BOB WILSON         Drums
Larry Williams  
        Keyboards, Sax & Flutes
Jerry Hey     
         Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Kim Hutchcroft    
          Saxophones & Flutes
Bud Nuanez     Guitar
Ken Wild       Electric & Acoustic Bass

 このアルバムGWS-In-Hawaii6曲目にだけPAULINE WILSON のネスレCM曲「IT’S SO FINE」が含まれています。

Link to SeaWind PAULINE WILSON – Stay(3102)
SeaWind PAULINE WILSON What Cha Doin’
The Official Seawind Website!

feature. by anHouz.


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Light the light if you only a be afraid Light the light
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